This weather station has been online since September 2009 and is in constant development. It is personally financed and maintained by Oliver Head. Feel free to donate using the button at the top-left of each page.

It is based in Warminster, Wiltshire, UK and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The current station is a Davis Vantage Vue with USB data logger and was installed in March 2018. The station instruments connect to the receiver via wireless, and the receiver connects via USB to the server. A mod was made so that both the receiver and station instruments are powered by DC (the instruments are normally powered by battery).

Davis Vantage Vue

See below for details on the old station. Photos of each can be found here.

Data diagram
Diagram showing the basic journey of data from source to destination (not to scale!).

The weather station is 420 feet (128 meters) above sea level.

A webcam is also in use near to the main station, connected via wireless.

The ‘In Detail’ weather data is updated every 5 minutes (refresh the page to obtain the latest information), the ‘Home/Live Data’ page (Weather Display Live data) is updated approximately every 8 seconds and will update without the need to manually refresh.

The original server (2nd-hand, Windows XP and purchased for around 20 (!) although with some parts missing) was in use from the first days of the weather station to the end of September 2012. A new server was installed on 1st October 2012.

UV Sensor.

From March - June 2018, a UV sensor was built using several parts and custom-coded. The device is installed near the main station next to the webcam and uploads data every 1 minute via wireless.

Parts are:

* ESP8266MOD main board.

* SparkFun ML8511 UV sensor.

* DC power supply.

* Project box and fixings.

The original weather station.

The first weather station was a La Crosse WS-2350 which was purchased and assembled in various stages throughout September and October 2009. It was hard-wired (rather than using the wireless capability built into it). Connecting the instruments via cable ensured the entire station was powered by DC without the need for replacing batteries. This also ensured more frequent data readings.

The indoor weather receiver was connected to a computer/server, via a serial-USB converter (supplied by La Crosse). This indoor receiver was mounted close to the computer which in turn fed data to the Internet.

This station was retired in March 2018 due to the outdoor components starting to wear out (the rain collector had stopped working for one and replacements were long discontinued).

La Crosse WS-2350 weather station instruments

Computer specifications.

Operating system: Windows 10.

Processor: Intel Celeron Dual Core 2.50GHz


Main drive: Samsung SSD 250GB.

Backup hard disk/NAS (backs up a variety of sources including FTP contents): ZyXEL NAS.

Power: protected by two PowerWalker UPS units - one for the server and associated equipment, the other is for the router.

Webcam: SV3C IP Camera.

Software: Weather Display (plus some included associated software like the FTP uploader) and Weather Display Live. There is lots of other behind-the-scenes software too. Contact me if you are interested in the details. All software is checked and updated regularly.

FTP server: service provided by AMPuk Hosting.

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