Various data files are listed here for use in software and experimentation.

XML file. Full weather details are published in this file and it updates every 5 minutes. It is available here:

METAR file. The weather station outputs a basic METAR file. This can be found and used here:

Clientraw files. Weather Display (the software behind this weather station), outputs raw data files.

Most of the data in use is generated by a file called ‘clientraw.txt’. This file updates every few seconds.

‘clientraw.txt’ is available here:

Others you can download and view are:




‘wxnow.txt’: (see more details by clicking here.)

Weather summary image. This is an image generated every 5 minutes and displays the essential details. This is the link:

WAP (wireless application protocol). The OTronics Weather Station produces a .wml file which is for use by WAP-enabled devices, such as mobile telephones.

It will display mostly text data about the current weather conditions in Warminster, as well as some small graph files. The .wml file cannot be displayed here, but for interest, the graphs can:

WAP graph - temperature and humidity readings WAP graph - wind and barometer readings  

WAP data is updated every 5 minutes.

To access the page, go to: (best to save in ‘Favorites’).

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Other Data

Links to local data from the OTronics Weather Station
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