Help with the ‘Home/Live Data’ (Weather Display Live) page

The dials and meters are, in general, self-explanatory on the Weather Display Live page (the ‘Home/Live Data’ page). However, if you would like a basic explanation of each instrument, simply hover your mouse over the text labels or readings.

Readings and data under the ‘Humidity’ meter are as follows:

1) The first set of figures show maximum and minimum outdoor pressure (mb) for the day.

2) The second set of figures show maximum and minimum outdoor temperature (degrees Celsius) for the day.

3) The third set of figures show maximum and minimum outdoor humidity levels (as a percentage) for the day.

The data refreshes every 8 seconds.

The ‘Fullscreen’ button on the front page is designed for widescreens like televisions or laptops. There is a separate link for older CRT monitors or similar.

Other help

The ‘Tides’ page predicts the tide times for Weston-Super-Mare (Warminster has no nearby ocean). Weston-Super-Mare is in Somerset and is one of the nearest places that does have an ocean. This page is just for reference and a map can be found on the ‘Location’ page.

Can’t see some of the images or animations? Elements of this website use ‘Flash’. Please click here to download the latest version, which is free.

The times on all pages are GMT/UTC (GMT and UTC are the same). Times are automatically updated when Daylight Saving is in place.

Please use the ‘Suggestion Box’ page should you wish to contact me with any other queries or questions about this website.

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