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About Us

Way-A-Head Designs Ltd was founded by Sandra Head in 1987.

Prior to that Sandra had amassed a wealth of experience in all aspects of soft furnishing and design and wished to channel her creative flair into a medium that could help people transform the visual and living experience of their homes.

Years later the company has achieved just that with hundreds of satisfied clients and countless orders fulfilled ranging from the provision of a new pair of curtains in the smallest house to full consultation, design make-up and fitting of all soft furnishings in several hotels and public houses.

Sandra continues to be enthused by her work and is constantly striving to bring the latest fabrics, designs and techniques into the portfolio that the company can offer.

Bedroom furnishings

Way-A-Head Designs Ltd caters for both individuals and commercial organisations and no instruction is considered to be too small.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal service to all our clients so you can be assured of individual attention every time. All our soft furnishings are made to order and hand stitched wherever possible in order to achieve the highest quality finish.

Way-A-Head Designs Ltd is based in Warminster, Wiltshire.


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