Brockway has been established for over sixty years working in the conveyor industry and is well adept to provide support, technical and troubleshooting advice on conveyor systems and rotating parts. We make our products to fit to your individual needs to enable you to maximise production for the minimum maintenance costs. The following shows some consultancy support that we can carry out:-

  • Application specific
  • Conveyor Loading
  • Impact sections
  • Conveyor stacker equipment
  • Belt tension
  • High load point
  • Belt protection
  • Belt Tracking
  • Material spillage
  • Material Weigh sections
  • Design optimisation
  • Product standardisation
  • Conveyor ascent & decent
  • ‘W’ Effect
  • Extreme environments
  • And much more …

As part of our consultancy work, Brockway Conveyors has its own in-house CAD system and can design and manufacture solutions. Brockway is approved by LRQA to ISO 9001:2008.


On any projects you may have.  Areas of involvement include; Conveyor Structure, Rollers, Transome’s, Transitions, Impact sections, weigh quality and much more …
We are able to offer the following services to your projects …

  • Design Consultation
  • Design Specification
  • Quality Assurance
  • Pre Assessments
  • Site Liaison
  • Manufacture
  • Evaluation Review
  • And much more …

f you would like to discuss one or more of your projects with us please visit our contact form.

Site and Application Support

Brockway engineers are regularly available to visit your site to provide surveys, advice and consultancy on both existing installations and new projects. All site visits are documented by application onto our bespoke database which can be used for analysis, cross reference and reporting purposes. Our engineers are able to analyse your needs and feedback a solution that produces a functional, reliable and practical product meeting your strict requirements and standards. Our site and application support include …

  • Application product selection/design
  • Idler Selection & Specification
  • Component measure
  • Conveyor part identification
  • Weigh unit solutions
  • Anti Magnetic solutions
  • Material spillage reduction
  • Super heavy duty rollers
  • Light weight rollers
  • Anti roll-back solutions
  • Application design optimisation
  • Conveyor loading sections
  • Conveyor impact sections
  • Conveyor transition section
  • Conveyor stacker reclaimers
  • Barrell blenders
  • Weight Reduction solutions
  • Confined space solutions
  • Non Standard Transitions
  • And much more …

If you would like more information please contact our engineers with any questions, telephone or alternatively visit our contact form.