“We have ProtectaRoll rollers installed over 40 years ago still in operation today.”

The Ultimate Roller for Belt Protection …

Brockway ProtectaRoll has been developed specifically for heavy duty applications. It is designed & developed for operation in dusty, open weather conditions of stacking, reclaiming, quarrying, biomass, energy and shipside operations. The ProtectaRoll configuration provides maximum conveyor belt coverage from the idler. As a result, this removes all conveyor belt pinch points between idlers.

Precision Machined Bearing Units

Precision Machined Bearing Units

Bearings are precision mounted in cast iron encapsulated housings. This enables the roller to be correctly mounted in the support frame, providing greater reliability and superior roller life. The ProtectaRoll design ensures the bearing is as close as possible to the support frame thus improving L10 life of the bearing.
SandBloc Bearing Protection System

SandBloc Bearing Protection System

Fitted as standard, SandBloc provides the ultimate in bearing protection. Developed over 50 years, SandBloc has been operating with supreme efficiency in abrasive, dusty environments of extreme temperatures. The 5-part multilabyrinth
sealing system protects against ingress from the smallest of particles in the most hostile of environments.
The Ultimate Roller for Belt Protection

The Ultimate Roller for Belt Protection

Developed specifically for heavy duty applications, ProtectaRoll is designed and developed for operation in the dusty, open weather conditions of stacking, reclaiming, quarrying, biomass energy and shipside operations. The product is a Brockway patented concept and design, whereby the sealed bearing unit is located externally to the roller.

Outboard Bearing Technology

The ProtectaRoll Outboard bearing design ensures greater reliability and longer bearing life, granting a Bearing L10* life in excess of 100,000 hours based upon the ISO recommendation for evaluating dynamic load. Brockway Outboard Bearing Technology has been used on heavy duty applications since 1967. Long experience in the use of these idlers on steel, cement and power-generation plants has proved that they will out-perform any other idlers with a carrying capacity of up to 15,000 TPH proven in the field. Available in bespoke sizes to suit the application.


  • Quarrying
  • Biomass Energy
  • Shipside Operations
  • Cement and Gravel
  • Steel Works & Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Ship Discharge of Materials
  • Dredging
  • Sugar Refining
  • Fertiliser
  • Food Industries
  • Bulk Material Handling

Example Roller Configurations

Product Specification

Bearing Housing: Cast Iron Externally Mounted  |  Bearings: Deep Grove C3 Prime as standard

Tube Sizes: Ø 76mm – 168mm

Paint (colours to suit)  |  Rubber (thickness & grade to suit application)  |  Rubber Disc  |  Powder Coating (colours to suit)
Polyurethane (to suit application)

Available Duties: Medium to Heavy Duty  |  Standard: British Standard BS 8438:2004 CE-51 – CEMA


All our conveyor products are subjected to a comprehensive ISO 9001 Quality Inspection and are covered by a full 2 year warranty, subject to design specification and usage.