“High performance steel rollers providing above average life at affordable prices”

Brockway Steel Rollers

Our steel rollers are designed for Light – Medium duty conveyor applications. The roller incorporates a modular based pressed steel bearing housing, recessed into a tandem bored tube. Roller bearings are protected by a robust sealing arraignment including a non-metallic outer dust seal. Shaft projections are manufactured to suit your existing Transome frames and support brackets.


  • Quarrying
  • Biomass Energy
  • Shipside Operations
  • Cement and Gravel
  • Steel Works & Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Ship Discharge of Materials
  • Dredging
  • Sugar Refining
  • Fertiliser
  • Food Industries
  • Bulk Material Handling

Example Roller Configurations

Product Specification

Bearing Housing: Pressed Steel  |  Bearings: Deep Grove C3

Shaft: Ø 15mm – 35mm  |  Tube Sizes: Ø 76mm – 168mm

Paint (colours to suit)  |  Rubber (thickness & grade to suit application)  |  Rubber Disc

Available Duties: Light to Medium Duty  |  Standard: British Standard BS 8438:2004 CE-51 – CEMA


Hybrid Roller

Our hybrid roller utilises our unique cast iron bearing housing with SandBloc bearing protection alongside a polymer based roller body. Integrity and performance is similar of a standard Brockway roller. We have successfully completed field trials over several years confirming the integrity and reliability of the polymer based range in arduous high load environments from 1200mm to 2000mm belt sizes. Since the completion of our field based trials our design is now specified, supplied and used in multiple applications.

Product Specification

Bearing Housing: Cast iron  |  Bearings: Deep Grove C3 Prime as standard

Shaft: Ø 25mm – 40mm  |  Tube Sizes: Ø 76mm – 168mm

Paint (colours to suit)  |  Rubber (thickness & grade to suit application)  |  Rubber Disc  |  Powder Coating (colours to suit)
Polyurethane (to suit application)

Available Duties: Medium to Heavy Duty  |  Standard: British Standard BS 8438:2004 CE-51 – CE


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