“As a standard feature, braces and gussets are used to ensure rigidity and strength.”

The Ultimate in Reliability …

Brockway Conveyor Supports have been designed and developed specifically for medium to super-heavy duty applications and for operation in all conditions relating to bulk material handling, stacking, reclaiming, quarrying, biomass energy and shipside operations. Alternative versions are available for lighter duty applications..



Brockway Conveyor Supports are assembled using precision-made Jigs, ensuring correct alignment and consistency. Support joints are fully welded to provide greater structural integrity. Brockway Conveyor Supports include support braces and gussets as standard, providing greater rigidity and strength within the frame.
Return Configuration

Return Configuration

Brockway’s Conveyor Supports range includes return configurations such as: dead eye brackets, key hole brackets, tracking brackets, vee and inverted vee frames to suit the application and environment.

“Brockway Support frames are designed to optimise the performance of the roller”

Extremely Reliable and Effective

Brockway Support Systems have been used on conveyor applications since the 1950s. Many year’s experience in the use of these supports in steel, cement quarrying, mining and power generation plants has proved that they are extremely reliable and effective in all environments. The product is a Brockway concept and design whereby the frame ensures the correct mounting of both EnduraRoll and ProtectaRoll. The system can also be designed to work with your existing equipment. The design has been developed after many years of testing in various operations across the globe. Support systems are available for carrying idlers of varying belt sizes and angle configurations including adjustable transitions and tracking swivel sets. Brockway Return Supports offer both fixed and trackable configurations.


  • Quarrying
  • Biomass Energy
  • Shipside Operations
  • Cement and Gravel
  • Steel Works & Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Ship Discharge of Materials
  • Dredging
  • Sugar Refining
  • Fertiliser
  • Food Industries
  • Bulk Material Handling

Example Support Configurations

Types of Support

  • Fixed Angle Troughing
  • Fixed Angle Transitions
  • Vari Angle Troughing
  • Vari Angle Transitions
  • Weighing Quality Supports
  • Anti Magnetic Solutions
  • Impact and Loading Support
  • Sledge Type Supports
  • Semi Slung Supports

  • Fully Slung Supports

  • Hammock Supports

  • Carrying Tracking Stations

  • Return Tracking Stations

  • Single Slot Return Brackets

  • Tracking Return Brackets

  • Other bespoke solutions available

Product Specification

Material: Steel Plate (gauge to suit application)
Base Material: Steel Section (depending on application)

Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009, Paint, Epoxy Coating, Zinc Flame Spray

Subject to application

Available Duties: Medium to Heavy Duty
Standard: British Standard BS 8438:2004 CE-51 – CEMA