Over 65 Years in Conveyors & Associated Products

Brockway Conveyors is a British owned mechanical handling engineering company and offers solutions throughout the industry. Brockway has been established for over 65 years. Operating to ISO 9001:2008, Brockway Conveyors is a long established, well known name within the materials handling industry for their excellent service and extensive handling capabilities. We offer High performance and high integrity products to work with materials ranging from granite, coal, iron ore, fertiliser and sugar grain plus many more in various environments.

Our Unique Approach

Our unique approach in evaluating customers’ specific handling requirements result in Brockway Conveyors offering cost-effective design and product solutions to meet customers’ materials handling expectations, providing lower unit operating costs per tonne of materials moved per hour.

Brockway Design

Brockway Idlers incorporate cast-iron bearing housings, multi-labyrinth grease seals and outer dust shields, all supplied as standard specification. All components are proven to have extended operational life in the most hostile of working environments. We are involved in many different areas of material movement (products & services) and are especially adept at providing heavy duty conveyor roller solutions, producing many successful Brockway designs including SandBloc, ProtectaRoll and EnduraRoll as well as state of the art conveyor support systems.


Our equipment is a mixture of modern and traditional machinery geared to be agile.  In the last three years Brockway Conveyors has completed many improvement projects, including relocating the company.

The Brockway systems have been developed specifically for light, medium and heavy duty applications – designed and developed for operation in a wide range of demanding weather conditions with a 2 year warranty (subject to design specifications and usage). We also offer a reliable and extremely flexible technical support service

Service Life

Performance of our rollers is largely dependant on the overall operating condition of the conveyor. This is the main reason we assess and design your products to maximise its lifetime and reduce the total cost of ownership over a given time frame.